Ayumi is Satsuki's friend and presumed girlfriend.


Ayumi is a part-time model and Satsuki's classmate. She is self-conscious of her job as most other girls think she is a show off because of it and it often makes her late to school. 

She was secretly in love with Satsuki for a while, but after hearing rumors that Satsuki hated girls that were tall, had long long hair, and modeled, lost her confidence and started to hate herself for having those traits. Later she confesses her love to him and says that she would be willing to give up her job for him, but Satsuki reassures her that he doesn't hate those traits or her job.

She is later seen talking with Satsuki over the internet and it is insinuated that she and Satsuki are in a relationship. 


  • She is 160 cm tall, making her 4 cm taller than Satsuki.