Aishiteruze Baby Wiki

“I’ll be a good girl, so please take me to Mama!” - Yuzuyu, ep 1 

“I’m going to marry Kippei-onii-chan! Shh, it’s a secret.” – Yuzuyu, ep 2

 “Kippei-onii-chan, I really love you!” – Yuzuyu, ep 2

 “Until your mama comes back, I’ll be right here for you.” “Forever?” “Yeah, forever.” “Forever and ever?” “Yeah, forever and ever.” “Really?” “Yeah, really.” “Forever and ever, okay?” “Yep, forever and ever.” – Kippei and Yuzuyu, ep 3

 “It’s not like that… it’s not like that at all. It’s not the child that’s bad.” – Shouta’s mom, ep 15 & 16


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