Aishiteruze Baby Wiki
# and Title Description Original Airdate
1. "She (Yuzu) is 5 Years Old!" Kippei Katakura's playboy lifestyle is turned upside down by the arrival of his younger cousin Yuzuyu. Reiko gives him primary responsibility of taking care of her.  April 3, 2004
2. "Yuzu's Rice Ball!" Kippei makes onigiri for Yuzuyu's lunch which causes commotion during lunch time for Yuzuyu. April 10, 2004
3. "Where's Mama" The other children at school don't want to play with Yuzuyu because she doesn't have a mother. Meanwhile, it is revealed that a girl is stalking Kippei at his school. April 17, 2004
4.  "Yuzu's Crayons" When Kippei leaves Yuzuyu alone at the park for a few minutes, Kippei's stalker speaks with Yuzuyu.  April 24, 2004
5. "The Reason For Tears" Kippei wonders why Yuzuyu won't tell him what happened. When he is delayed while heading to pick her up from school, the stalker appears to pick on Yuzuyu again. May 8, 2004
6. "Bye-Bye, Yellow Hat" Marika, one of Yuzuyu's classmates, calls Yuzuyu a show off because her uniform is different from everybody else's. May 15, 2004
7. "One, Two! Pudding!" The preschool has a sports festival.  May 22, 2004
8. "Mr. Bear and Carrot and Papa and Mama" Yuzuyu's mother sends a letter to Kippei's family and a second one addressed to Yuzuyu. Later, at Kippei's school, Kippei is reassigned to a seat next to Kokoro.  May 29, 2004
9. "Kokoro All Alone" Kokoro's father is getting remarried and decides that Kokoro can live by herself in an apartment. June 5, 2004
10. "Jealousy" Kippei and Kokoro pick Yuzuyu up from school. While at the park, Kokoro tells Yuzu to not worry about her taking Kippei away, as she says she doesn't like him. Yuzuyu decides that she needs to be less dependent on Kieppei and tries to walk home from school by herself. June 12, 2004
11. "Dumplings, Yuzuyu, and Kokoro" Yuzu gets lost while trying to walk home by herself. Kippei, his family, and later Kokoro search the city to find her. After they find her Kippei tells Kokoro that he cannot spend time with her because he needs to give all of his attention on Yuzuyu. June 19, 2004
12. "Yuzu's Errand" Yuzu has the day off from school but quickly gets bored without Kippei around. She decides to make Kippei lunch for him and delivers it to him at school. June 26, 2004
13. "Mama..." The preschool teachers have noticed a suspicious woman who keeps looking into the preschool playground while the kids are playing. They ask Kippei to confront her for them, and the person turns out to be Yuzu's mother, Miyako. She explains that she is not ready to take Yuzu back and leaves after asking Kippei not to tell anyone that she was there. July 3, 2004
14. "Shouta-kun from Cherry Blossom Group" Yuzu meets a boy named Shouta from another preschool class. After playing at the water fountain Yuzu notices a large bruise on Shouta's stomach, to which he reassures her that he had gotten it by falling. July 10, 2004
15. "Big Sister Goes to Parents' Day!" Kippei and Yuzu see Shouta sitting on a bench and go to talk to him. They see a new bruise on Shouta and Kippei asks him where he got it from, to which Shouta explained that he fell off the monkey bars. After he leaves, Kippei noticed that the park did not have any monkey bars. Later, Reiko goes with Kippei to Yuzuyu's school for Parents' Day. Shouta doesn't follow the teacher's instructions which prompts his mother to leave the room. When he follows her to ask what's wrong, she says that he embarrassed her and hits him. Yuzuyu, who had followed them, cries when she witness the event. Kippei confronts Shouta's mother. After accusing him of not understanding what being a real parent is like, she leaves with Shouta following after her. July 17, 2004
16. "Shou-chan, Let's Meet Again..." The next day, Kippei is still distressed over Shouta's situation. Kokoro attempts to console him. He decides to confront Shouta's mother and asks her to seek help, then leaves. Bothered by his words, she goes up to her apartment and is about to go inside when Shouta accidentally makes her drop the groceries. She then hits Shouta, causing him to fall down the stairs and is knocked unconscious. While she is looking down at him in shock, a neighbor calls the ambulance. At the hospital, the doctor reassures her that he will be alright but is concerned about the many bruises all over his body. When Shouta's father arrives, the doctor suggest counseling. Later Shouta and his mother go to Kippei's house to tell him and Yuzuyu that they are moving back to Shouta's grandparents' house to get help. July 24, 2004
17. "It's a Pool, It's a Bathing Suit, I'm Scared" Kippei takes Yuzyu to the pool, but she is too scared to go underwater. Kokoro and her friends show up while he is there. With some help from Kokoro, Kippei is finally able to get Yuzuyu to dunk her head under the water. On the way home, Kippei and Yuzuyu meet Miki. August 7, 2004
18. "Miki-chan with the Red Hair" Miki, Yuzuyu's cousin, tells Kippei and his family that her family wants to take Yuzuyu. Reiko calls Miki's parents to find out that this is false. Later, back at MIki's house, Miki's father slaps Miki for causing trouble and she decides to run away. Kippei looks for her and discovers that she has purposefully hurt herself many times. August 14, 2004
19. "Let's Walk in a Line" Miki tells Yuzuyu that she wants to die and that she wants Yuzuyu to replace her. Later, Kippei has Miki do chores since she is currently living with them. Miki seems to become less extreme in her actions in the meanwhile. However, when Miki follows Kippei to his school and sees him kissing Kokoro, she immediately goes back to the house and changes into her old school uniform. She then tricks Yuzuyu into leaving with her. August 21, 2004
20. "Let's Go Home" Miki takes Yuzu to her house where she sees her family having fun without her. Realizing that no one would miss her and thus doesn't need Yuzuyu, she calls Kippei to tell him where they are so he can pick up Yuzuyu. When he arrives Miki attempts to kill herself but Kippei talks her out of it. He then convinces her to face her parents, which she later does. Her parents then accept her after learning how much pain she had been in. August 28, 2004
21. "Summer is Ending..." Kokoro and her friends are mad at Kippei because he didn't call her over the summer. After he returns home from school, Miki comes by to pick up her things. Miki recognizes Kokoro as she is walking and watches as a student from art club confesses his feelings to Kokoro, to which Kokoro refuses due to her feelings for Kippei. Miki then leaves. September 4, 2004
22. "When I Grow Up" Kippei catches a cold, so Satsuki has to take Yuzuyu to preschool in his stead. On the way, they see Ayumi, a classmate of Satsuki's who Yuzuyu recognizes as being a model she has seen in posters. At preschool, the students discuss what they want to do when they grow up, and Yuzuyu says that she wants to be a model like Ayumi. Later, Kippei's family goes through old pictures from when Reko, Kippei, and Satsuki were small. Back at school, Ayumi tells her supposed friends of her crush on Satsuki, but they tell her that he doesn't like girls that are tall, have long hair, and model, making her lose her confidence. Despite this she later tells Satsuki of her feelings toward him and that she would be willing to quit her job and change her looks for him, but he reassures her that he does not hate her job or her appearance. September 11, 2004
23. "Two Box Lunches" Kippei makes two box lunches, one for Yuzuyu and one for Kokoro as an apology for not talking to her during the summer. Kokoro gives him her lunch in return. Just when she seems to be happy, she gets a phone call from someone that dampens her mood. Meanwhile, at preschool, the students are making letters to someone who is important to them. Marika writes hers to Yuzuyu, while Yuzuyu made hers to Kippei, but Yuzuyu offered to make one for her too. Marika tells her that it isn't necessary and Yuzuyu tells her that they are friends. Later, at Kokoro's apartment, Kokoro tells Kippei that she doesn't want to get any closer to him. September 17, 2004
24. "A Letter to Your Favorite Person" Kippei decides to write a letter to Kokoro like the one Yuzuyu made for him. He puts it in Kokoro's mailbox. The next day Kokoro doesn't go to school and is instead grieving over pictures of her mother. A little while later, she finally sees his letter and opens it. Just as she gets done reading it, Kippei shows up at her apartment. She lets him inside, lets him know that she read his letter, and explains why she didn't want to get any closer to him. Kippei comforts her and helps her to understand that it is alright to admit she is lonely. September 25, 2004
25. "Mommy's Pajamas" Yuzuyu has a dream and realizes that she can't remember her mother's face. She finds and wears an old pair of pajamas that her mother made for her and won't take them off even though they are too small. Kippei accidentally tears the sleeve while playing with Yuzuyu. He tries to buy another pair for her, but she only wants to wear the old ones. Feeling guilty, Kippei tries to fix them while he is at school, where Kokoro finds him. Kippei decides to let Kokoro pick Yuzuyu up from preschool so Kokoro and Yuzuyu can have some time together. October 2, 2004
26. "I Love Everyone, Everyone" Kokoro and Yuzuyu talk about their mothers, then Kokoro takes Yuzuyu home. Kippei's family meets Kokoro and asks her to stay for dinner. Kippei gives the repaired pajamas back to Yuzuyu. Yuzuyu says that she will wear the new ones but keep the old ones. Meanwhile, Reiko fly to Fukuoka to speak with Miyako. Miyako tells her that while she does plan on taking Yuzuyu back, she is still not ready to do so yet. Back at Kippei's house, Kokoro decides to stay the night with Kippei and Yuzuyu. October 9, 2004