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Miyako Sakashita

Miyako Sakashita (坂下 都 Sakashita Miyako) is younger sister of Misako Katakura, the biological mother of Yuzuyu Sakashita and the aunt of Reiko Katakura, Kippei Katakura and Satsuki Katakura.

Personality []

Miyako is a gentle woman who is prone to crying easily. After her husband's death, she is unable to stop crying daily and loses the confidence to raise Yuzuyu Sakashita. She truly cares for her daughter and wants what is best for her. Miyako leaves Yuzuyu in Kippei Katakura's care believing that once she can stop crying, she will be stronger and will return for her.

Miyako visits Asou Preschool in secret once to see how Yuzuyu is doing, but was later discovered by Kippei who was chasing what the preschool staff thought was a suspicious person lurking around the area.

In the manga, Reiko Katakura tracks down Miyako and learns that she has been living with another man who has been of great comfort to her while she tries to become strong again. The man Miyako lives with has no children of his own and was unsure of having Yuzuyu brought back to live with them, though she eventually convinces him and returns to the Katakura home to claim her daughter.



  • The name Miyako (都) means "capital".
  • Miyako's surname Sakashita means "slope, hill" (坂) (saka) and "under, below" (下) (shita).